A Mom's Dream Come True: Virtual Jobs

For a mom at home with children, virtual jobs can be an ideal way to generate some extra income without sacrificing time away from her family. So what are these jobs and where can they be found?

From telecommuting jobs to being someone’s virtual assistant, these jobs are not very hard to find these days. You need a computer with an Internet connection, of course. A virtual job means that you are doing the work, but you’re not actually on-site.

Some jobs that can be found in this job market these days include telecommuting, virtual assistant to someone, sales, typing, medical transcription and much more. Some of these jobs require training, some do not, but those will yield you less money in the beginning.

One dream job that moms hope for when they leave their full-time employer to raise children is that of telecommuting. Many companies nowadays will allow employees who wish to stay home to work (usually part-time) via the Internet. This encompasses the best of both worlds: you’re home raising your children and still bringing in money. When your skills and your past work efforts are already known by an employer, it doesn’t hurt to at least inquire about telecommuting from home for a period of time.

There are other telecommuting jobs out there to look into such as transcribing notes for doctors or other business people. You may need a dictaphone machine for this, but if you are a quick typist, you can make a decent income.

Some people or companies need a virtual assistant. This job requires you to input data, make sales calls, set up appointments, perform accounting services, make reservations and many more job descriptions. There are even temporary virtual assistant jobs available, where the commitment is short-term and you can decide whether this is the type of work you’d like to do. You can also see whether this is the best position to work around your busy schedule as a mother.

Having a virtual job can indeed be a mother’s dream come true if you are good at juggling your time and your attention. Remember: if your children are very young, they will still need your attention. Look into jobs that you can perform during the hours that will best work for you. Whether you are able to work evenings while your children rest or days while they are in school or on play dates is up to you. You may even have to hire someone to watch your children while you work but at least you are right there whenever you are needed or wanted for a hug.

Do your homework and check out the various virtual jobs to see what might turn into your dream home job.

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