If You Aren't Using LinkedIn, Get With The Program!

Using LinkedIn as a social network marketing tool for your home business can be as important to you as advertising in a daily newspaper. Used correctly, it can generate business and new clients for your business through networking with other home business owners and potential clients. And it’s free to use!

So what’s the best thing about LinkedIn? Well, it’s a busy network of interacting business professionals and companies. It can link you up with others in your field and lead you to new clients, people to conference together with about your niche field and build a network of other professionals in your field and related fields. People in your network can refer you to others and that’s the best thing about LinkedIn.

When you begin using LinkedIn be prepared to build a profile that is very professional looking. This is not Facebook or MySpace which can appear to be much more casual at first look. You should post a photo of yourself dressed like a professional, even if you work at home in your jeans and sweatshirt. Think of this part of your page on LinkedIn as how you would appear at a business interview or meeting.

Using LinkedIn gives you a chance to brag about how good you are and what you have accomplished. Don’t neglect to fill in your educational background and your employment past and present.

Search on the site using your Gmail connections list and ask those individuals to join you on LinkedIn. Once they accept your invitation, you can be linked to everyone they know by requesting to connect with them. Some of these people may prove to be invaluable to you and your business one day.

There is a huge variety of Groups on LinkedIn which like-minded professionals can become a member of. Join the Group that fits your particular interests, home business field or whatever niche you’ve carved out for yourself in your business endeavors. You’ll find a forum of discussions and written articles in the Groups you join. Doesn’t just be a passive reader of these items. Join in. Write a helpful article that others will notice. Get in on a discussion and make yourself known.

When you begin using LinkedIn, you have to stick with it in order to make it work for you. Logging onto the site once or twice a month just won’t be of much help to you. Similar to Twitter or Facebook Pages, you have to be religious about posting on your site or you will lose whatever connections you have and fail to gain new connections.

Keep your LinkedIn account up-to-date! If you go to school and get a Certificate of Training in your field, be sure to add that onto your Education list. If you branch out in your business onto something else, such as adding photography to your video production business, don’t forget to add that in. When you make a change on your account, all of your connections receive notice about it.

Using LinkedIn is one of the Internet’s best networking sites for professionals like you!

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