Twitter Tools You'll Need to Market Your Home Business

If you want to get traffic to your website and more business, you’ll have to have some Twitter tools on hand. Social network marketing sites should be at the heart of your home business marketing strategy.

Going onto Twitter and writing a tweet of 140 characters or less on a daily basis really doesn’t take up a lot of your time. You want to get your name out there and have people following you. It’s word-of-mouth that can help build your home business. Put your website and Facebook page links on your Twitter account to really saturate the web with information about what services or products you can provide.

There are some tools you should discover from day one, though, in order to make your Twitter life just that much easier. Twitter itself isn’t a difficult networking site to manage but it does require your attention on a regular basis. You may want to tweet your ideas or ask questions or opinions of others more than once a day. It can begin to get a little ornery if you become a dedicated Twitter fan, using your cell phone in addition to your computer to tweet from just about anywhere, any time of day.

Some tools on Twitter that can help make your life easier are right there for the taking on the site itself.

If you use Firefox as your web browser, there is a plugin called TwitterFox. This lets you see tweets in a pop-up menu as you work within Firefox.

An even better tool is TweetLater, which gives you the ability to schedule your tweets, lest you forget to do so.

If you want to write something interesting that’s going on in your part of the business world, schedule the Twitter box to pop up at the same time every day. A great tool for reminding you to get to work on the tweet of the day!

Then there’s Twitter for Facebook, where you should have an account for your home business. This tool lets your tweets feed directly into your Facebook status so you kill two birds with one tweet!

Twitter Tools is a plugin that connects your tweets with your WordPress blog site. You’ve probably noticed that there’s a place on your LinkedIn site for your WordPress link. If you keep up with your blog postings, this can all be invaluable in getting your business information out there on the web.

There are dozens of Twitter tools available for your use; maximize them and watch the number of followers you have grow.

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