Social Networking Benefits

Some business owners still ask, why use social network sites? What are the social networking benefits? Can't regular word-of-mouth suffice? Well, in a word - NO.

Social media sites can offer you access to huge numbers of potential clients; you would never be able to contact so many if marketing your business in the conventional way. They are reliant on dialogue and connections between people that are hard to replicate in the real world.

Though you are basically doing the same thing in both cases - putting the name of your business out there and hoping the maximum number of people see it - network sites help you build a much more lasting and visible presence.

If you truly want to promote your business, you will need to stop relying on other people's connections and build up your own network. Create a profile and a business page on as many sites like Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn as you can, and invite friends, colleagues, extended family to join. Ask them to ask their contacts as well. Get people to follow you on Twitter, and tweet regularly. Share news, post information, start conversations.

Encourage people to interact with you on your pages - the more action there is on your page, the more people will see it. You should also start participating in online communities, where more people will see you and find out about what you do.

Top 5 Social Networking Benefits

  • You can target your customers better
  • High Return on Investment
  • Does not require any technical skills
  • Works better than online ad campaigns
  • Increased visibility instantly Using social network marketing tools can help you raise your profile online and create mass following for your products or services - more than enough reason to take the plunge into the social media pool today.

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