The Best Tips for Small Business Online Marketing

When it comes to marketing, your small business online marketing is one of the most important business decisions you can make. Your home business needs to be known to the buying public. Today’s purchasers use the Internet to get information and discover what or who can provide them with the product or service they need.

So how can you utilize small business online marketing strategies to work for your home business?

First of all you need to have a web site to help promote yourself. You can build a simple free website yourself but it may be worth the money to hire a website designer to get a great site set up for your business.

Once you have your fantastic website the next small business online marketing tip is to fill your site with content: write articles related to whatever your business is all about.

Get some search engine marketing content written and promote your website as it moves up on the engine result pages such as Google, Bing or Yahoo The content has to be fresh and kept up-to-date, while using the keywords and tags the average person searching online would use in order to find you.

Next, write a blog to promote yourself also. There are free sites, such as wordpress, that can set you up with a blog space. On that blog, be sure to include a link back to your web site and vice versa.

Don’t forget to use a simple tool that millions of people use every day. It’s called social networking. You probably hang out on a social network for a brief period of time every day anyway. Think of Facebook, Myspace, Twitter or LinkedIn. No longer just for old friends to reconnect, these social networking web sites have become a very important marketing tool.

Get yourself on Facebook, for instance, using your business name. Don’t forget to include that link back to your web site, your blog and the other social media sites you’ll create. Get your friends to become “fans” and invite them invite their friends. You’ll soon have a following and customers to show for it!

Here’s another tip: Let’s say your home business is a dog training school. Have someone videotape you during one of your training sessions. Now place that video on YouTube. In fact, put a bunch of your videos on YouTube and start your own channel there. You’re giving people a little bit of information (free of charge), getting the word out that you have a good service to offer and you’ll increase the traffic to your web site, your blog, and your social networking sites.

Small business online marketing is like a circle: it begins with you and, with the proper links back and forth, it end with you!

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