You're in High Demand with a Resume Writing Business

In today’s weakened job market, there’s a huge demand for those in the resume writing business. If you have writing skills, you can have your own business crafting resumes for those searching for employment.

A well-written resume may not secure someone a new position but it can get a foot in the door for a job interview. That is where you come in. With a little bit of talent and perhaps a class or two on resume writing techniques, you can be running a lucrative business from your own home.

Your resume writing business will require a few items for you to start up the company, but there’s really not too much involved. You may very well already own some of these necessary pieces of equipment and supplies to start your business.

Most importantly, you will need a computer with access to the Internet and a great word processing program such as Microsoft Word. The latest version would be the best one to have as it shows you’ve kept your business up to date on software needs. You also need a good quality printer. And a telephone is necessary for those clients who will consult with you as you create the resume.

You should have on hand one or two resume writing guide books and a good dictionary and thesaurus. The guides will have many types of resumes and their different approaches, depending upon the business your potential clients wish to enter. For example, a resume you write for a teacher may differ in structure from one you need to write for a computer consultant.

Have business cards made up at a minimal cost and distribute them to everyone you know. Everyone knows somebody who’s out of work these days and your business could be just the thing they need to help them out in their job search.

Don’t forget to do the basics needed for any start-up business such as getting any licensing you may need, setting up your website and advertising your new business.

When searching for a new job, just about everyone needs to submit a resume to a potential employer. Most people are not very well-versed in creating their own resume and proofreading it is a job that is seldom done well unless it’s done by a professional, such as yourself. Write a few resumes for good friends or relatives at first, free of charge, to get your feet wet.

When you know you’ve done your job well, delve into your own resume writing business with confidence.

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