Free Advertising with MySpace Social Networking

Using the MySpace social networking site to promote your home business is one of the smartest things you can do. For one thing, it won’t cost you any money. Also, it helps you market yourself and connect with other business people just like you.

MySpace social networking for your home business is kind of fun and not very difficult to work with. Just like most social media, you’ll want to post a picture of yourself on your page. In fact, post a lot of photos of whatever relates to you and your business. When people view your page, they’ll get to know who you are just a little bit better by viewing your photos. There’s much to it than that, though.

On the MySpace site there’s a place for you to write a bit about your background. Spice it up and make yourself shine! You know you’re talented in what you do, so write about yourself in those professional terms to let others be aware of how good you are. Find a way to write about your professional self so others will feel confident about doing business with you based upon your own confidence.

Send out bulletins on your MySpace page announcing events you might be holding, new items coming up, a special service you’ll be making available soon. Bulletins attract traffic and traffic is what you want! If you want to create an event, invite your friends to take part. Your friends see the invitation and decide whether they’re going to be able to join in.

Your Headline on the site is very important because that is what ultimately describes who you are and what your business does. It is the name of your home business! Your business name is something you must have thought long and hard about, so get it up there on your own MySpace page.

Let people know what you’re up to by updating the blog space on your page. Update your page as often as you have time to do so. List a sale you’re having. Put up your random thought of the day and your mood (which should usually be in fine form). After all, MySpace social networking is supposed to be fun while at the same time promoting your home business.

If it makes sense for your particular home business, add a video to the page (perhaps you already have one posted on YouTube). It could be a video showcasing what it is you do. If you’re a home party salesperson, show a video of the highlights of a successful party.

Don’t forget to link your MySpace social networking site to your company’s website, your Facebook page, and your LinkedIn and Twitter account!

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