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Tips to help you market and promote your business
Marketing a business is crucially important when it comes to getting things off the ground - without generating interest in your product or service, how can you expect to sell it? To ensure that your home-based business is a success, you not only need to be good at what you do, you need to be good at marketing your business.
If you're marketing a business that you run from home, the first thing you should do is make some sort of marketing plan:

Define Your Market - The very first step is to understand who exactly will want to buy your product or service. Identify that limited group of people who will be willing and able to put their money down for what you are offering, and perhaps tailor the product more precisely to that target market's needs.

Review the Competition - You need to understand what other products are in the market that a potential customer may choose over your own. That way you will not only understand better what characteristics make for good selling points, you will also be able to estimate what position you should take yourself. It's always easier marketing a business when you know what you should be aiming for.

Establish Yourself in a Niche - Now that you know what the competition is offering, make good use of the information by distinguishing your product from all the others and finding/creating some unique feature or selling point. Is your product cheaper or better quality than the others? Is your service more efficient, or faster than others? Marketing a business in a niche is far easier than marketing something that everyone else is making just as well.

Promote Your Product or Service - This is where the real creative thinking comes in. Getting word out about your business is crucial to achieving success, and now there are so many ways that can be done. Check out some free marketing ideas Below are just a few:

1. Create a live network of potential customers. Tell friends, family members and ex-colleagues about your business. Then look further afield. Chamber of commerce meetings, regional trade shows and professional conferences are all good places to expand your network. Talk to people, approach them with a smile, and explain what you do. You never know where the next sale or contract will come from. You could even try doing demonstrations at relevant events, or cold calling potential clients.

2. Set up a website. Luckily this has become super-easy to do yourself, even if you're not the most tech-savvy person on earth. Make it attractive, interesting, and unique, and put content-rich information on it to draw people in. Then submit the address to major search engines like Google and Yahoo. There are many sites on the internet that help you start your own business. The name of the company that I use to build my websites is Site Build It 3. Make friends with social media. Get onto Twitter and start tweeting about your business regularly, several times a day if you can. Create a Facebook page and invite everyone you know. Then make sure you link back to Twitter and your website. You'll get more traffic - guaranteed, doing social network marketing 4. Post on Craigslist has a great service section where you can post classified ads based on your location. Local Business Marketing is a great way to raise awareness about your business, and it's free!

5. Start writing a blog. They used to say that eContent is King, but this has pretty much now been revised to eFresh Content is King! Writing a blog is great way to put fresh content up on the net every week - or every day if you can manage it - and so generate more interest in your product. Another good way of marketing a business is by writing articles about relevant topics and posting them on article hosting sites with links back to your own site.

Once you start implementing these strategies, you'll be surprised at how interest builds in your business. Sales and marketing plans should always allow a certain period for their techniques to start showing some return, but if you explore all the local business marketing options available, it shouldn't be long before you see the flow of revenue pick up. Essentially, you should aim to work hard on marketing a business for the first year - by that time you will know for sure if it has picked up enough momentum to become competitive and profitable, or if the idea was not viable in the first place.

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