So Which Jobs Are The Legitimate Internet Businesses?

There are legitimate Internet businesses for those moms (and dads) who want to work from home and, then again, there are the scams enticing those who would like to get onto the work-from-home bandwagon. How do you tell the difference between the two?

For one thing, legitimate online jobs from home will rarely ask for money up front in order to work for a company. Start-up fees in order to work for an Internet company are nearly always a scam. Employment offers from legitimate Internet businesses will not cost you anything in order to get you hired.

Instead of any start-up costs, legitimate businesses will ask you for the normal things any potential employer would: your resume listing your experience, education, skills and references. If the business is looking for someone to train, this may not even be necessary, but most businesses will ask for your resume. Be wary if you are asked to pay for training, though, unless you are starting your own business through a franchise organization. In that case you may need to pay for equipment, samples and possibly some training aids. Not all requests for money are scams, but read the fine print carefully!

Mystery shopping has become a popular job for those who wish to make their own hours and some extra income. This is normally a part-time job, but it is perfect for those with children in school as it is quite flexible in nature. The mystery shopping business is all done on the Internet and by telephone, except for the actual shopping you would have to perform in person. You may be swayed to join a mystery shopping organization for a fee, but the legitimate companies do not require this or any other monies from you. You will only be asked to fill in some information about yourself. When you are accepted as a shopper, you perform the work, and then input your findings online.

Another legitimate Internet business is Internet writing. Many businesses need content for their websites, blogs or social networking sites. If you have the skills to be a writer, this is a job you can do in the comfort of your home office or even at your kitchen table. There are websites offering freelance writing positions such as these, with payment often going directly to your PayPal account.

You can also set up a call center from your home, working for a company and make a decent living with time and experience. This is more of a full-time opportunity for those moms with school-aged children or those who can work evenings. Basically, you would be the person whom people call with customer service questions, to place orders, and other customer-based needs. The more skilled you become, especially with answering technical questions customers have, the more your pay can increase.

Keep searching and you will discover there are even more legitimate Internet businesses out there for you to discover.

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