This Page Is Just For Mom

If you've just taken the first steps on the path to becoming a bona fide home business-owner/internet employee, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed by the amount of information out there that tells you how to run your home and business, and thinking - what is there just for mom?

This page is your answer!

It's easy to get caught up in the needs of running a business and a home/family simultaneously, but it's important for every mom to take the time to think about what she needs too. Remember, having it all is just another way of saying doing it all, and all too many moms end up running themselves into the ground trying to be the perfect career woman, mom and wife.

It's so important that every woman who is trying to juggle these three or more roles give herself time to rest and rejuvenate, quality time that is just for mom. A productive, efficient mom is one who works hard but plays hard too! And that is doubly important when mom is also running a business or working from home.

Working Mom vs. Perfect Parent

Working mom guilt is a common phenomenon, and although moms who work from home suffer from it less, there still needs to be some "Just for mom" time. There is always the recognition that any professional work you choose to do represents time taken away from your role as nurturer. Whether this means shutting yourself away in a home office, or spending a couple of hours taking work calls, or gluing yourself to the laptop while the kids watch cartoons, every mom knows it's hard to take time out to work when the demands of a home and family are a constant part of your life. And so there is always a sense of guilt that accompanies it.

Well, there shouldn't be! Moms who work from home have already made the ultimate decision to stop going out to work, and so their kids are already benefiting from having a 24/7 on-site parent. Taking time out to work shouldn't be seen as depriving the children of anything - it is simply a more effective way of working that enables you to be near them while you work.

Essentially, all moms need to stop attempting to be the perfect parent. There is no such thing. The best any child could want is a balanced, fulfilled, loving parent, and that is what you should aim for, regardless of how many hours a day you need to devote to work.

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