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Fun is Guaranteed For All!

Play home party plan games while you work! Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? If you want to start up a lucrative business selling products through home parties, you need to have a basic idea of which home party plan games you should incorporate into your sales events.

When you invite your friends, relatives and neighbors over for a home sales party, you want them to make purchases, of course. But this isn’t a hard-sell type of business. First and foremost, your invitees want to have fun. That’s part of the reason for calling the sales event a party.

Depending upon what merchandise you’re selling, there are different types of home party plan games that representatives use. The games are played to, first of all, break the ice and get everyone chatting and relaxed. You want your guests to feel like they’re at a real party and are not being pressured inside a shop by a pushy salesperson. Yes, you are the salesperson and yes, you are making a commission, but that doesn’t mean fun and games can’t be involved!

A game to break the ice and get the party going is the one that will set the tone for the evening. Depending on the type of home party this is, you may want to change up the introductory party game. Tupperware or Avon home party plan games may differ drastically from those sexy lingerie party games.

The key to the first game is to get everyone to know a little bit about one another and to loosen up. When you reveal something about yourself, you relax and become more open because everyone else is opening up, too. One tried-and-true game is an introductory one. The hostess is the one who has invited her friends to the party for you, the salesperson, to sell items. You will give her gifts and discounts for hostessing the event. For the scavenger hunt, make a list of 20 different types of people and read the list aloud. For each person who admits to being that type of person, the hostess receives one point. Ten points and she gets a gift. An example of the list: a best friend (this might yield more than one point!); someone who wears turquoise jewelry; someone who laughs too loudly; someone who wears a size 10 shoe. You get the idea.

A very popular party game to get guests into the right mood is to tell a story. The story has to have a theme, but the guests have to figure it out! Let’s say your theme is movies. Write a few paragraphs telling a story (it can be a children’s story; any will do) but slip in movie titles here and there within the story. The guests have to write down every movie title they hear. The person with the most titles written down wins. Anything can be substituted here: cleaning products, TV shows, songs, food items, or family history. Check out my favorite family history site: Serching Family History When you want to get down to the nitty gritty of describing the products you are selling, there’s a home party plan game for that, too. It’s based on the long-lasting Price Is Right TV game show. First you choose a few items you want to focus on. Guests will be shown the first item and asked to guess its price without going over, just like on the TV show. Bids are written down by guests and the closest bidder wins. The winner gets a ticket to be redeemed later for a small prize. In between the bidding, you’ll have a little commercial and describe in detail the next item up for bid. In this way, you are giving out information on your products, guests have to guess the prices, they receive a little prize for guessing close enough, and interest is built up. Let the buying begin!

Home party plan games are fun, make buying entertaining and make your business more profitable.

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