The Benefits of Being a Work At Home Mom

Have you considered being a work at home mom at this point in your life? You may feel perfectly satisfied dropping your children off at daycare or waiting for the babysitter to arrive every morning so you can go off to work and pursue a rewarding career. Millions of mothers do it every day. They later return home to cook dinner, help with homework , do laundry and catch up on the day’s events.

But as a parent, being a work at home mom lets you sit in both the working and parenting world simultaneously. When your child finishes painting the best landscape he’s every done, wouldn’t it be fantastic if you were right in the next room, available to give him the praise he deserves? If your ten-year-old child is having difficulty mastering his vocabulary words for the week, your “coffee break” could let you become his much-needed tutor! The fact that you are there, working or not, becomes a much-needed connection in your child’s (and your own) life.
Being a work at home mom gives you the keen advantage of being able to make money while you perform the job of “mom.” Sure, it can be a bit of a juggling act, but working outside the home is a multitasking chore without the added benefits of being with your children all day.

Perhaps at first working from home may not yield you the income you thought it might. In fact, you might start to wonder why you’re doing this at all, except for the fact that you get to be at home raising your children. But, like any other start-up business, working at a home-based job takes time before any significant profits are seen. And the money alone that you would be saving on daycare costs must be taken into consideration.

At the point when your home-based business has taken off financially, your children may be old enough to no longer need daycare; they can take care of themselves with you there as a guide and as a go-to person in times of trouble, squabbles or homework needs.

You are physically there if your children need you. You are physically there if you just want to give them a hug. There’s no long (or short) commute to work. Working from home has a zero commute time! If your workday allows for it, you can be a working mom and still take part in those bake sales at school, go to PTA meetings and see the school plays. You can work around your own schedule, more or less, and that means working around some family-based activities. If you work better at night when the children are asleep, you can probably do that, too!

The biggest benefit of being a work at home mom is that the situation pairs the work you enjoy doing and getting paid to do with the most important role you’ll ever play in a person’s life.

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